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At the faire: Smartgate

Posted on 10 Aug 2014


SmartGate is a magic box with lots of surprises! This box aggregates “smart things” (air-conditioned, Smart TV, belkin wemo, Nest, etc), as well as transforms “dumb things” - any device that needs electric connection in order to work, for example, a fan, a heater, a kettle, lights, you name it - into smart things.

At its core there’s a galileo microcontroller and a bunch of sensors and other electronics.

Remotely controlled through the smartphone interface, it uses muzzley technology as its middleware, several devices, no matter what type of internet connection you’re using in your smartphone (mobile or wifi). Smart Gate extends the possibilities of the Internet of things.

Paulo Adriao from Torres Vedras is crazy for the IoT and will join us in September to show us his nifty invention and share its experience will all of us.

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