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At the faire: Digital Fabrication Lab at CEAU/FAUP

Posted on 07 Aug 2014


Founded by Prof. José Pedro Sousa, the Digital Fabrication Lab (DFL) is the Research Group of the CEAU/FAUP (Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto) dedicated to investigate the use of digitaldesign and manufacturing technologies in the design and construction fields. The relevance of conducting research in this field relies in the fact that these technologies have dramatically expanded the geometric design possibilities and allowed for non-standard modes of production (mass-customization), from the scale of the building component to that of the building form. With a multidisciplinary team, the DFL is centered in developing Research work (fundamental and applied), which is complemented by promoting Educational,Extensionand Divulging activities. Realising the convergence between the digital and the material, the DFL is a Laboratory looking for understanding, transforming and evolving this reality.

The DFL is going to present at the Lisbon Mini Maker Faire an overview of the “Robotic Technologies for a Non-Standard Design and Construction in Architecture” research project currently going on, with the collaboration of INESC-TEC. Its main goal is to explore the link between computational design processes and the use of a big-size industrial robotic arm to conceive and materialize innovative forms, structuresandmaterials solutions. Aiming at collaborating with companies to achieve an industrial impact, the DFL has established partnerships with AMORIM Isolamentos, Cerâmica Vale da Gandara e Valbopan. This work is sponsored by funds FEDER through the Operational Competitiveness Factors Program -COMPETE- and national funds throughtheFCT (Foundationforthe Science and Technology), in the scope of the project PTDC/ATP-AQI/5124/2012.

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