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Call for makers is over

Posted on 02 Aug 2014


The Maker Faire Lisbon 2014 call for makers is over now and we’re extremely proud to announce that we’ve had over 110 individual projects submitted. Way over the 70 makers estimate mark we had initially.

The projects range from all topics: electronics, mechanical, educational, digital fabrication, IoT, robots, design or crafts. And most of them showed a strong sense of community and knowledge sharing, which is really important for us.

Our curators are now hard at work voting the projects (a big batch was approved already) and you should expect a steady row of great announcements and news over the next weeks in this blog.

We’re going to keep the call for speakers open for a little while more as it involves much less logistics.

Portugal is indeed a country of Makers! Thank you so much for your participation, we’re very proud.

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