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Portuguese Makers Hangout, Special Edition

Posted on 18 Jul 2014

PT Makers Hangout

UPDATE: The event will be live at this URL

Portuguese Makers Hangouts have been around for a few months already. Their purpose is to gather the Portuguese Makers and get the world to know about their talents and their projects and we’ve been using them to share experiences and create contents around the best of the DIY/Making scene in our country.

Next Wednesday, the 23rd of July, we’ll put a special edition entirely dedicated to the Maker Faire Lisbon in September along with the whole team of curators on board. Our goal is to give our best at providing you with all the information we can about the event and, most importantly, do a full Q&A session with everyone watching us, specially makers wanting to participate at the Maker Faire but still in doubt.

We hope you can join us. Here’s an iCal appointment for your calendar.

When the time comes, this website will provide aditional information on URLs and tools to participate, so stay tunned. Oh, and spread the word!

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