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Posted on 16 Jul 2014


Spacebits is an initiative that’s been launching High Altitude Balloons (HAB) into near space from Portugal, connected to the Internet, since 2010 long before you could find these projects all over the web, and has successfully launched and recovered six of them already.

The Helium filled Balloons will go as high as 30 something kilometers (about 100.000 feet) to the stratosphere. Once up there, due to low pressure and helium expansion, the balloon explodes and the payload, a computer, radios and cameras and lots of sensors, fall on earth again using a parachute.

The team behind this project, which I’m sure some of you will recognize will join us in September and show off their payload computer, balloons, parachutes, the radio system and some of the gizmos and accessories they use in each flight. Even better, they’ll be putting a talk on stage explaining how you can make your own HAB and send it to space, what are the challenges, tricks and pitfalls, and confessing a few embarrassing untold stories to the crowd too. We think you’ll enjoy this a lot.

Spacebits Once up there, at >30km high, you can take stunning photos and the earth curvature is visible.

Here’s a video of the Spacebits #6 mission, if you haven’t seen it before.

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