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The RiftCycles

Posted on 14 Jul 2014

RiftCycles RiftCycles at the Codebits 2014

There’s a collective list of fetishes stored in the deep memory of any geek from our generation: books and movies we all read or saw, games that stole us months of sun light from our skin, toys and gadgets that destroyed our social life when we were young, you know what we’re talking about.

One of the strongest memories from that memorabilia, one that created a giant legion of fans and became a cult phenomenon, was without question the movie TRON, edited twice, first in 1982 and more recently in 2010 (TRON: Legacy).

Who wouldn’t pay, say, 10 bitcoins to digitise themselves into the ENCOM mainframe and ride a light cycle in the grid of the TRON universe? We know we would.


Luis Sobral, also widely known as The Arcade Man, and João Morais used their talent, creativity and immense passion for classic games and recreated the TRON light cycle. We’re talking about two perfect and full sized bikes and the whole riding experience using a set of Oculus Rift and specially designed software for the purpose. These two bikes were first shown at Codebits this year and they were a huge success.

Now anyone can see and ride them as we’re pleased to announce the RiftCycles will join us in September for the Maker Faire Lisbon. Furthermore, even more exciting for you Makers, Luis and João will stage a talk on Saturday called “How I’ve built the RiftCycles” and explain to you, step by step, how you can make your own.

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