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Pietro Proserpio

Posted on 03 Jul 2014

Pietro Proserpio

Pietro Proserpio

Pietro Proserpio juggles vintage mechanics and emerging technologies; revisits Leonardo da Vinci’s scientific techniques and honorably references Einstein for his theory of relativity and the speed of light. Wood, metal, plastic: Pietro rethinks materials in a sensitive, romantic and hybrid way, amplifying their capabilities thanks to «anti-matter», such as air or water, which interplay against steel or titanium.

Pietro spins around time, outlines it, sidesteps it. He’s «anti-time». He creates his own mechanisms to kill time and, as if they were their biggest love and their worse enemy, challenges the timeline through his creations, telling stories that yell, dance, sing a serial, atonal, melodious music orchestrated by him. A true artist and Maker.

You can also check his facebook page for more information and photos of his work.

Pietro and its amazing creations will join us at the Maker Faire Lisbon in September, and we’re very excited to have him.

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