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Announcing our curators

Posted on 12 Jun 2014

Curators Photo from Backstage Maker Faire Rome, under CC

We’re announcing the team of curators for the Lisbon Mini Maker Faire 2014. If you’re part of the movement, then you probably know a few of them.

They’re now hard at work reviewing and approving the first batch of projects to join us in September, so expect a lot of news during the upcoming days.

If you’re a Maker and you still haven’t applied your project, now it’s the time. Also, don’t forget to keep spreading the word in any way you can, the community needs your support.

Here they are, our proudly recruited curators:

André Almeida

André has an extensive professional background in interaction design and software development and collaborated with some of the most renowned artists in Portugal while working at “O Olho” theatrical company where he created scenic and lighting components. Has a deep interest in the various steps of the creative process, from artistic conception to the final result. He is a co-founder of Artica, his startup and creative computing company in Portugal.

Celso Martinho

Celso is the CEO and co-founder of SAPO, the biggest portal and Internet related project in Portugal and one of Portugal Telecom internal innovation factories. SAPO is also the organizer of Codebits and co-organizer of the Lisbon Mini Maker Faire. Also on the board of Artica, and mentor / advisor on several companies and projects. Has a background in electronics since its student days at the University of Aveiro and has a generalized passion for technology, Internet, creativity, entrepreneurship, the DIY/Makers movement and all things life-changing. Sometimes builds arcade machines or sends balloons to near space too.

Eduardo Pinto

Working at SAPO for some 13 years now. Head of the innovation and R&D departments. Music and media are its hobbies. Currently working on ID Management, QA, Usability and Security. Always available for hacking anything either hardware, software or preferably, both. Knows its way around Raspberry Pis and Arduinos. Deals with Python, C, and PHP programming (or whatever needs being handled). Cloudhead too.

Filipe Valpereiro

Filipe has a degree in Computer Science and a love for hacking electronic gadgets. He’s the founder of InMotion a company that promotes and sells open-hardware for the curious and creative minds. Passionate about the Arduino, he spent many nights playing with a Arduino NG board, tinkering and having a lot of fun with it. One year later he quitted his job to start his own business. InMotion grew up from his passion for electronics and hacking, a desire for fun while exploring open-hardware tools like the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. In the spare time he likes to launch High Altitude Ballons with his Spacebits friends into space.

Francisco Mendes

Francisco is a Maker at heart. Loves to explore new technologies and create products. Has a degree in Electronics and Telecomunications and Industrial Automation. His oldest dream is to build a humanoid that replace him on day to day tasks. To pursue that dream he and his BeeVeryCreative team built and launched the first Portuguese 3D printer, the BeeTheFirst.

Gonçalo Lopes

Gonçalo received his BSc degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA), in 2006. In the same year, he joined the Centre for Artificial Intelligence (CENTRIA) under the supervision of Prof. Luís Moniz Pereira to study computational models of cognition. At the same time he joined the YLabs, YDreams R&D division, where he conducted applied research in man-machine interfaces, computer vision, parallel processing and autonomous agents. He was also one of the lead architects behind the YVision general purpose software composition framework. In the next step of his quest to build an intelligent machine, Gonçalo joined the Champalimaud Foundation’s Neuroscience PhD Programme in 2010 and his now working with Adam Kampff and Joe Paton to understand how brains build models of the world.

Hugo Silva

Hugo is a researcher at the IT - Instituto de Telecomunicações and co-founder of PLUX – Wireless Biosignals, an innovative technology-based company operating in the field of medical devices for healthcare and quality of life, where he is currently a Board Member and Innovation Advisor. His main interest areas include biosignal research, system engineering, signal processing, and pattern recognition. He is one of the minds behind BITalino, a low-cost toolkit that allow anyone to create projects and applications for physiological computing.

Leonel Alegre

Leonel Alegre, graduated in Education of Chemistry and Physics and completed the Ph.D. in Chemistry at Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon in 2007. After that he worked as a researcher applying NMR techniques to the study of art materials. He joined Ciencia Viva in 2009 where he manages projects of science communication for broad audiences and the development of exhibitions about science and technology.

Mário Saleiro

Mário Saleiro is doing a PhD in computer science in the field of computer vision and cognitive robots after graduating and doing a masters at electronics engineering. He’s a co-founder and member of the eLab Hackerspace in Faro, Portugal, and author of the blog The Bit Bang Theory. Hacker/Maker in his free time and deeply interested in electronics, robotics, digital fabrication, augmented reality and human computer interfaces.

Maurício Martins

Maurício has a background in electronics and video production. As a tinkerer he develops interactive projects in the area of physical computing and tangible interfaces. Since 2002 he has conducted various workshops / seminars on DIY and collaborated on various Portuguese art projects. Leds&Chips and DVPT owner, on-line companies providing physical computing and electronics, audiovisuals and video production services.Collaborates with several Portuguese digital artists. Currently working with Dóing - Augumented workshops team at Ciência Viva.

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